Steve Solmonson ("FEAGAN") - Guitar & Vocals
Steve Seamans ("STYMIE") - Bass & Vocals
Dan Flaherty - Drums

The Daisy Dillman Band holds a well deserved place in Minnesota music history. With a small handful of others, they dominated the music scene in the late 70's - and more than most, they went on to play in the majors with two nationally released, charting records. Along the way, they earned a place in the hearts of loyal audiences across Minnesota and the entire country. They did it by bringing everything they had... to countless nights of unforgettable music. 

It has all come full circle, and feels like a family reunion. 

1976... Excelsior, MN

Acoustic guitars and fiddle in hand, Feagan, Stymie, Pat and Michael C. sit together through a summer afternoon. Their four voices blend with a pure and undeniable sound... they know immediately they have something special. 

Later, joking about what to name the new group, Michael C reaches for a book written by a locally famous author "Daisy Dillman" - the grandmother of Lester Hughes-Seamans (wife of Steve "Stymie" Seamans).

The Daisy Dillman Band starts to gain attention... a curious blend of country, all out rock & roll and electric fiddle with a thunderous rhythm section underpinning high sweet vocals reminiscent of CSNY, Poco and other "west coast" groups. With Feagan as leader the band begins to gig, and experiment with co-writing. Stymie, the band's main songwriter, captures the band's style with near perfect pitch. 


Dan Flaherty is soon added - an unlikely choice as a heavy hitting rock drummer with a busy style focused on fast cascading tom rolls, deft bass drum work and wild cymbal crashes. 


DDB scores Minnesota Music Awards "Best Band", "Best Vocal Group" and "Best Violinist," not to mention a large devoted regional following. The band goes into the studio and soon emerges signed to United Artists Records, with their first national release. 

Album: "The Daisy Dillman Band" 
United Artists Records / David Z, Producer / Sound 80, Mpls MN

Single: "Border Bound" (M. Krueger/S. Becker)
United Artists Records / David Z, Producer / Sound 80, Mpls MN

DDB hits the road in earnest. With constant touring, they log tens of thousands of miles. An old school bus with plywood bunks soon gives way to a fully customized '57 Greyhound Scenic Cruiser named "Melbourne," with crew trucks in tow. Through the next several years, they performed in every corner of the nation, always returning home to sold-out audiences at their home base, "Doc Holidays" - a 1400 seat club in Shakopee, MN. From New York City (Lone Star Cafe,) to Los Angeles (The Palomino,) Chicago (Danny Seraphine's Beginnings,) to Austin, TX (the legendary Armadillo World Headquarters) and all points in between. Their full-out high energy performances attracted ever larger audiences. DDB appeared at festivals, colleges and clubs with numerous headliners including Emmy Lou Harris, Charlie Daniels, Bonnie Raitt, Poco, Firefall, Asleep at the Wheel, Wayton Jennings and more. 

The Daisy Dillman Band - "40 Years Together" Tour!




The band soon heads to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and the home of legendary record producer "Rick Hall," to begin work on their next album. With their second national release; "Lovin' the Night Away" (RCA Records), the Dillman Band cracks the top 50 Billboard's "Hot 100," garnering national air-play and a Billboard industry "Hot Pick" as a breaking album for RCA Records in New York City. 

Album: "Lovin' the Night Away"
RCA Records / Rick Hall, Producer / Fame Studios, Muscle Shoals Alabama

Single: "Lovin' the Night Away" (S. Seamans/P. Frederick)
RCA Records / Rick Hall, Producer / Fame Studios, Muscle Shoals Alabama
Billboard Hot 100 / Composer, Artist

A third album was never released due to internal restructuring at RCA Records.


They're back!... Twenty-two years later, fans are thrilled when the Daisy Dillman Band reunites with all five original members for a series of concerts. 

Dan Flaherty, "Feagan" Solmonson, "Stymie" Seamans, Pat Frederick & Michael C. Wolf


The DDB is inducted into the Minnesota Rock and Country Hall of fame. 

Having grown together, it's safe to say that the band and its fans have a special bond. DDB has always been an authentic rock & roll celebration. Recent concerts are also a poignant reminder of those who are no longer here. At shows now, it's not surprising to find long lost familiar faces from younger days, dancing and grinning... old & new friends, family, musicians, fans, road crew, neighbors, grown kids and parents... all coming together over the band's familiar kick-ass country rock and sweet harmony. 

Although the group was performing on a limited basis, they were stronger than ever with the additions of veteran FOH engineer Peter Greenlund and manager Rick Leibold. Most recently, they have been in  the studio writing and recording again. All in all... it's a long overdue and welcomed reconnection for the band and it's audience. 



It might be the longest wait ever for a new album and a bona fide reunion of a Minnesota favorite that once garnered national airplay and attention. But fans -- and lovers of country rock -- will welcome word that the Daisy Dillman Band* is back together again.  After sporadic one-off concerts over the early 2000 decade, the beloved country rockers from the '70s and '80s are in the saddle again and finally releasing their first CD in 34 years, Radio. With fresh new songs and the classic songs from the group you've loved for all these years, we would love to see you and your smiling faces again at our next concert!!


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