In addition to the full band dynamics of the Daisy Dillman Band, fans and theaters have made requests to hear the pure joyful 3-part harmony and acoustic instruments in an "unplugged" and intimate setting. Well, you asked for it...  and we're delivering by adding another chapter to the DDB legacy... Daisy Dillman Acoustic!  In this new setting you'll hear voices soaring with DDB and iconic country-rock classics and an intimacy that's tangible and rare - bringing a new audience to the already large and devoted DDB fold! We would love to see you, your friends and those smiling faces again at our next concert!
You guys go back very far in our journey!! First saw you at JJs in Richfield and have been fans ever since. do a beautiful Neil Young. We just saw you in St. Cloud....Awesome Acoustic you guys!
— Sheila
I’ve been listening to your music today and thought back to the late 70s when I first heard you perform. Your latest album is another solid collection. You have always been one of my favorite bands!
— Paul



Guitars and fiddle in hand, Feagan, Patrick and Stymie first sang together in '76... voices blending with a special feel and sound. Looking back, it was a seminal moment. Naming the group, they reached for a book written by legendary local author and story teller; Daisy Dillman. She was the 98 year old grandmother of Stymie's wife... and the Daisy Dillman Band was born.

Stymie, the group's main songwriter captured their new sound with near perfect pitch... a brand of fiery country rock underpinning high sweet vocals ala CSNY, the Eagles and other “mellow mafia” artists. 

Soon to follow they were garnering awards...  Minnesota Music Awards: “Best Band,” “Best Vocal Group,” and “Best Violinist.” With a growing regional following, they caught the attention of national record labels. They went into the studio signed to United Artists Records and their first national release followed... 



It might be the longest wait ever for a new album and a bona fide reunion of a Minnesota favorite that once garnered national airplay and attention. But fans -- and lovers of country rock -- will welcome word that the Daisy Dillman Band* is back together again.  After sporadic one-off concerts over the early 2000 decade, the beloved country rockers from the '70s and '80s are in the saddle again and finally releasing their first CD in 34 years, Radio. With fresh new songs and the classic songs from the group you've loved for all these years!

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